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Online Turkish / Program


Online Turkish Group Sessions (min. 2 max. group capacity of 3, each session is charged individually)

Beginners Group Session - $120

Here, you will enroll in a beginner’s crash course with fellow students. This course will contain essential vocabulary designed specifically to satisfy one’s travelling needs, and will also include basic grammar structures, phrases, and vocabulary. This course will provide you the building blocks necessary to succeed in the intermediate group sessions.


Intermediate Group Session - $130

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This course is extensive and thorough. It will begin to immerse you in rich Turkish culture and history, as well as allow you to build a strong foundation where you can further expand your knowledge in the Turkish language. You will also be polishing up important aspects of the Turkish language, such as intonation, and the suffixation of the language. It serves as an excellent transition into your next phase of Turkish learning, the advanced sessions.


Advanced Group Session - $140

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A progressive and comprehensive training program outlined to help students engage in intricate conversations with native speakers is provided for you. Minute mistakes in pronunciation, grammar, or vocabulary choice will be pinpointed and addressed by the proctor. In these sessions, students will be encouraged to engage in discussions amongst each other regarding international politics, poetry, literature, Turkish culture and history, along with various other subjects.

Online Turkish Private Lessons (package of individualized sessions, payments are made on the beginning of every month)


The following programs are specifically catered to your individual needs, please note that extra study and homework help with Mehmet Seyhan is always readily available, causing the overall price value of these packages to increase quite dramatically


A single meeting includes two lessons, and each lesson lasts for 45 minutes

(90 minutes per meeting)


PROGRAM 1: $200 (USD)

4 meetings ( 8 lessons)


PROGRAM 2: $280 (USD)

8 meetings ( 16 lessons)


PROGRAM 3: $600 (USD)

20 meetings (40 lessons)


Additional study and practice materials are sent directly to your email address once you are enrolled in the program.


 *  Your first trial lesson is free of charge  *


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