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Online Skype Turkish Lessons. You can Start Learning Turkish Now. Take a Free Turkish Trial Lesson with Mehmet Seyhan who is a Native Turkish Teacher and let's Improve Your Turkish.


I would like to welcome you to our website, where you are guaranteed to improve drastically in your Turkish and Japanese communicative skills.

Our lessons are designed specifically to encourage our learners to not only embark on this journey to learning Turkish, but to maintain their motivation on continuing to learn this language.

Why learn Turkish?

It is first essential to have a brief understanding as to why this language as the ability to become an essential component in your life.

Here are a few benefits of learning Turkish as a foreign language:

- Turkish has earned it’s place as the 15th most common languages spoken in the world, with as many as 83 million native speakers who live across the globe

- Speaking Turkish will allow one to become more subjected to job opportunities, as well as salary increases

- It will make vacations in Turkey’s beautiful tourist attractions more far more convenient and exciting

-It will allow one to unlock key cultural barriers, and attain a better global understanding

-Turkish has a very systematic grammar structure, making it easy for a foreigner to master the language

Why learn Turkish with Mehmet Seyhan?

Mehmet Seyhan is a native Turkish speaker. He can speak  five languages, which will allow him to cater to your needs as his student. In addition, he has 15 years of teaching experience, and understands how to teach students of different learning styles. He is also capable of helping his students tackle the two largest barriers when learning a language: intonation and pronunciation. Mehmet is dedicated to helping his students acquire and achieve an incredible proficiency in the Turkish language in a timely manner. We provide private Skype lessons where this can be attained as soon as possible. Please click here for more information.

Remember, all of this will be accomplished without the inconveniences of traffic


E-mail us at:

Please do not forget to make note of which country you are located in, as time zone differences may create difficulties in scheduling.


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